If you want to start a new business in 2023, you have many options. If you consider yourself an opportunity seeker or even just wish to be one, the following list will not only teach you what the best businesses to start in 2023 are but motivate you to take that leap of faith!

Food related businesses

Community-focused spaces:

Focus on the community around you. What do your neighbors like to eat or wish was around? Think of ways to cater to those who already surround you, and you’ll obtain their support!

Specialty stores and products:

Try specificity if you have one superstar idea that you believe could do well! Dedicate your business to that one product.

Professional services


All consultants provide expert advice to professionals. There are two types of consulting businesses, strategy consulting and management consulting. Strategy consultants assist businesses with specific questions about their future/choices, whereas management consultants regularly specialize in a specific industry, such as finance/accounting, human resources, or IT.

Pet grooming:

During the pandemic, millions of households adopted a new pet. Meaning there is more need for pet services and pet-friendly businesses. You can begin your pet grooming business by gathering the necessary tools, scheduling appointments, and staying in touch with customers (Customer relations are very important in this line of work. The client needs to be able to trust you with their furry companions!). Plus, there is potential for growth; it all depends on how much work you decide to put in!

Personal training:

As the new year inches closer, everyone is thinking about their 2023 goals. More often than not, people set a goal surrounding their health. They’ll be many eager newbies wishing to get fit who will need guidance!

Cleaning services:

Cleaning is a chore for many people. On the other hand, I, on the other hand, find it enjoyable and relaxing, and if you enjoy it as much as I do, why not turn it into a business? The cleaning industry is primarily divided into consumer cleaning services for residential homes and commercial cleaning services for businesses and corporations. When starting your cleaning business, choosing a specific category can help you with marketing, pricing, and overall strategy.


Creative services

Freelance writing:

This sounds familiar… where have I heard of it? Hmm, oh yeah, it’s my job!

Are you talented with pen and paper? Or have expertise in drawing up business plans, writing marketing copy, or editing resumes? Try it out.


Bilingual? Trilingual? Consider this field. Businesses are constantly pursuing global expansion and require translation experts to get started.


Don’t restrict yourself to one category. If it’s your dream to open a gym with a cafe that also happens to be a doggy daycare, GO FOR IT!


No matter what you choose to do, especially as a small business, you will need insurance. Without it, an accident, lawsuit, robbery or fire could send your dreams down the drain. Get protection with SYGA Insurance Agency!

Consider your current situation, professional skills, and employment status as a chance to reconsider what you have to offer the market. It could be the right time for you to launch a new and innovative business in one of the above-said business categories.