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Insurance is a scam, till you need it. Insurance is something we all need, whether its for health, auto, or life. However, with so many types of policies and coverages, figuring out what is right for you can be overwhelming, especially because of how expensive it can be.

In this podcast we’ll dive in deeper into understanding the industry better, industry secrets, saving money, and becoming a more successful and healthier person.

Grow your knowledge. Increase your wealth.

We’ve often heard that knowledge is wealth or vice versa, and we believe that to be a fact. That’s because any worthwhile endeavor or goal in life requires knowledge on how to do things, learning is a lifelong habit that we should all cultivate and be aware of.

Wealth includes, knowledge, health and financial freedom.

Which is what our podcast prioritizes

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One of our favorites

Life Insurance: Is it Right for You?

Life Insurance has become more common in the recent years due to the pandemic, war, food shortages, etc.. These things have made people more inclined to purchase a policy. However, if you’re undecided, perhaps this podcast can help you figure it out.

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