Keep your furry friends protected

Because we know that more than a partner, they are members of your family.

Protect them with adequate insurance for them, accident and illness plans cover all most medical conditions.

You can customize the plan according to the needs of your pet.

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Highlighted benefits for your pet.

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Nationwide and in Canada.

You have the freedom to choose any veterinarian throughout the United States and Canada to provide medical care for your pet.

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Insurance for all pets

Pet insurance with no restrictions on age or breed. Every furry companion deserves medical care and protection. This insurance provides comprehensive coverage, from playful puppies to wise companions.

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Short waiting periods

5 days for accidents, 14 for illnesses, and a 180-day waiting period for knee and ligament conditions, which can be waived by your veterinarian.

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Fast claim reimbursements

More than 75% of claims processed within 24 hours, you can expect a fast reimbursement when you need it most. And up to 95% of claims are resolved in less than a week.

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In-home care

The team is locally based, and you won’t be transferred to another company or country. We take pride in caring for our policyholders and their pets.

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Free live chat

Plans include unlimited access to live chat with veterinarians 24/7. You can directly connect through your pet’s portal whenever you need assistance.

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30-day free trial

Plans offer a complimentary 30-day trial to evaluate the service. If the plan doesn’t meet your pet’s needs, you can cancel within the first 30 days and receive a full refund.

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Customized plans

Plans can be tailored to fit your pet’s needs and your budget. We recommend a popular 80%/$500/$10000 plan, which is chosen by people like you every day.

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Think about the future of your pets.

It is essential to think about the future you envision for your beloved companions. Just like you would with your family, planning ahead for their well-being is crucial. Pet insurance offers a solution to ensure their ongoing care and protection, even in unforeseen circumstances.

Start planning the future of your pets today and secure their well-being with a reliable and personalized pet insurance policy

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