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Syga Insurance Agency is proud to offer AFLAC to all California State Employees, in partnership with FALEO, an esteemed California bona fide association whose membership consists of both sworn and non-sworn law enforcement personnel.

AFLAC is different from major medical insurance; it’s insurance for daily living. AFLAC pays you cash benefits sent directly to you giving you the flexibility to pay medical bills and everyday living expenses so that you can rest and recuperate with peace of mind.

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Short-Term Disability

Most California State employees may be ineligible for State Disability Insurance in the event of a disability due to an accident, illness, maternity or even assault.

Let AFLAC fill the gap during your time off work by providing you with paycheck protection to cover expected and unexpected expenses that arise from disability.

Critical Illness Coverage

AFLAC can help ease the financial burden of covered hospital stays, medical expenses, treatment costs and other out-of-pocket expenses by providing cash benefits in the event of a covered critical illness.

Now more than ever, as an essential worker on the front lines, let AFLAC help you navigate this complex and challenging pandemic environment.

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