Insurance Solutions to Protect and Grow Your Business

We provide solutions that protect and secure every part of your business. We provide customized insurance solutions to support you and your budget. You can rely on our financial strength and stability to be there when you need us most.

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Services we offer for your business

Business Owner’s Policy

Combine business liability, commercial property, business income, and equipment breakdown coverage into one cost-effective package for businesses.

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Employee Benefits

Syga provides tailored employee benefits packages that will meet all of your needs and satisfy your budget. A good benefits program helps you attract and keep the best employees.

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Commercial Property

Coverage that can protect your company’s physical assets from unexpected events, including fires, windstorms, theft, and vandalism. It can also include the commercial property you own or lease.

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Commercial Auto

Commercial auto insurance covers business vehicles for things like:

  • Damage to your vehicle(s)
  • Driver injury
  • Injury to someone else
  • Damage to someone else’s property
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Worker’s Compensation

Protect your business from employee lawsuits resulting in alleged discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment or other employment-related issues.

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Business Liability

Protect your business against lawsuits, including judgments, attorney fees, court costs, and settlements.

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Business Income

Cover payroll, pay for relocation expenses and replace lost income when a covered loss forces your business to close temporarily.

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Umbrella Insurance

Provide additional protection for your business assets by increasing the liability limit you already have with other policies.

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