Technically, everyone can be an entrepreneur. Except, only 25% of new businesses make it through their first 15 years. I know it sounds scary hearing how slim the chances of success are, but what you don’t know is that those that failed, failed because they didn’t have the attributes you will soon learn. Keep on reading to find out what you’ll need to improve on if you want to be part of the 25% success rate!


I’d love to say that passion is all you need, but that would be a lie. It is however, one of the key components to the success of many entrepreneurs. You will not receive back what you have not given. Put some love into the work you do. Not only does it turn your struggles into fun, but it motivates the people around you and yourself to continue on pushing through.

Ability to Plan

To be successful in anything, especially business, you need to plan. Planning ahead helps keep things organized and tidy. This way, you’ll still make your important business meeting on time without having to miss your daughter’s dance recital next week. As for the more economical side of it, have everything your bank, suppliers, investors, and such could need at the ready. Being prepared is equivalent to planning for situations that may not even occur. Have a business plan drafted and at the ready, and have your records waiting patiently in your top drawer. Instead of allowing the unexpected to throw you off your tracks, plan ahead!


How are you going to succeed if you don’t believe you are capable of good things? Self-belief is extremely important, and when you’re an entrepreneur and sometimes it is all you will have. So believe you will do well even during the times when you are not making much money or scoring any clients. If you just believe, soon it will be your turn for the happy ending you deserve. You just have to believe you can achieve it!

If you’re ever struggling, refer back to this blog and ask yourself, “am I missing something?” and don’t forget that the world’s grandest entrepreneurs started out from basements and garages!

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